Need to get somewhere in a hurry?
Business in a small town, and highway traffic is too heavy to drive?
Heading up north for the weekend and don’t want to wait for Hwy 400 traffic?
Get to Toronto in FIFTEEN MINUTES!
Or perhaps you’d like to go on an extravagant romantic picnic near Algonquin Park?

Choose FOX Aviation for your charter flight!

Fox Aviation can get you where you need to go quicker than a car, a bus or a train and is able to land at an International airport, small remote airport or a grass strip in the middle of nowhere.

Our Cessna 180 cruises at 150 mph, are GPS equipped
and have a maximum seating of 3 plus the pilot.

The following are approximate times of the most requested charters:

  • London - 1 hr
  • Montreal - 2 hrs 30 min
  • Muskoka - 1hr 10 min
  • Oshawa - 35min
  • Ottawa - 1 hr 50 min
  • Peterborough - 45 min
  • Sudbury - 2hrs
  • Toronto Island - 15 min
  • Windsor - 1 hr 35 min
But our charters are not limited to those mentioned above.
Please inquire about your destination.

NOTE: Times are based on a typical one-way flight,
departing from Niagara Regional (St. Catharines) Airport,
and dependent on the weather.
We fly year round.

For more information on our charter flights and prices,
please call or email using our online form.