Your boss just ordered, “Get it there quick!!!” Now what??

Let Fox Aviation provide your solution to hotshots and air freight services. We operate year-round from the Niagara Regional (St. Catharines) airport servicing all of Canada, including major cities Toronto, Hamilton, or any location

If you require moving parts or packages we can service you at a competitive price. Our hotshots and air freight prices are comparable to truck transport - but we get your parcels delivered quickly.

Because of the type of aircraft we fly, a Cessna 180 Skywagon, our rate is half of a twin engine with speeds up to 267 km/h (167 mph). For example:

If needed, we can provide Ground Transportation from the airport to your site.

Maximum cargo weight - 1,000lbs
60 minute notice required for cargo configuration
Dangerous goods cargo not approved at this time