Aerial patrols of pipelines and powerlines are effective means of rapidly covering broad areas of remote power and pipeline assets.
There are two categories of patrols: normally scheduled and focused exercise. Normally scheduled patrols typically observe and report on changes in an area of potential problems, such as construction sites near a right of way. And focused exercises are determined by the client to scout specific circumstances, such as a severe storm or flood, or perhaps an encroachment of a right of way. The damage or anomalies such as leaks, sunken backfill, or land erosion is quickly identified and repair activity can begin quickly.

Reports and, if requested, photographs can be mailed within minutes of the aircraft landing.

We are available or pipeline and powerline patrol in Canada or the U.S. and welcome and inquiries about this service. Our Cessna 180 with its high wing, specially modified bubble windows and long range fuel tanks make it an excellent aerial platform for patrolling. The Cessna 180 is safely able to fly at a reasonable cruise speed (150 mph), and also much slower if required to get a thorough look at something on the ground.

Please call our office for rates and availability.