A picture is worth a thousand words!

Get the ultimate shot
or have Keith take it for you!

This is the perfect gift or heritage souvenir. Or it may solve some concerns for your company with overall views of buildings and surrounding area (photos taken at 20,000 feet show a lot of area) or close-ups of buildings or geographic features. Construction firms, architectural firms, real estate firms, wineries, businesses, home owners and newspapers can all benefit from the information that a professional aerial photograph can provide. Whether the perfect picture is in the city or in the country, day or night, we can set up to make sure you are satisfied with the shot. Our photos are taken using digital camera, or a 35mm camera and prints and negatives will be provided.

Keith Fox is a photojournalist for over 4 years... That's a lot of pictures. All pictures on this site are taken by Keith.

Photo Editing is done by Urbane Portrayals Inc. We'll add that special touch to keep your wedding or special occasion memories beautified.

While the Cessna 180 Skywagon can reach top speeds of 267 km/h (167 mph), we can also slow down to 85 mph... it feels slower in the air!

The cameras that we use:
Nikon D40 Digital
Minolta MAXXUM 50 35mm (Lenses: 45mm, 100mm, 80-160 zoom)

We usually use Kodak film, but can accommodate your favourite brand.

Please contact us for a quotation.